Revolutionizing Healthcare Billing with Precision and Empathy

Beyond Just Numbers


Our systems are designed to reduce manual efforts, ensuring quicker, error-free operations.

Machine Learning

By leveraging advanced ML algorithms, we predict trends, optimize billing strategies, and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time Insights

Dive deep into actionable data points that can revolutionize your billing efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction.

Global Presence,
Local Expertise

Headquartered in Singapore with offices spanning across the United States, Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines, our global footprint is matched by a deep understanding of local nuances. This ensures you get solutions that are both world-class and relevant.

A Dedicated Team

With over 1,800+ employees worldwide, every individual at Oxygen is committed to ensuring you receive exceptional service. Our strength lies not just in our technology, but in the people who make it all come together seamlessly.

Commitment Beyond Billing

At Oxygen, we’re not just a service provider. We’re your partner in ensuring optimal operational efficiency, unparalleled patient satisfaction, and sustained growth. Experience the future of healthcare billing with us.

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