Optimizing Healthcare Billing and Management Through Advanced Technology

Pre-Billing Services

Every successful billing process begins with meticulous groundwork. Our advanced pre-billing services:

The assurance of accuracy before it begins

Our credentialing services ensure that your healthcare providers meet all the necessary requirements to deliver quality care to your patients. We take care of the entire credentialing process, from verifying qualifications to completing all the necessary paperwork

Our patient access services help ensure that your patients receive seamless care right from the start. Our team handles all aspects of the patient access process, including scheduling appointments, verifying insurance eligibility, and ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and efficiently.

With our eligibility and benefits check services, we help ensure that your patients are properly covered for the care they receive. Our experts verify insurance eligibility, identify any coverage gaps, and determine the benefits available to your patients.

Our referral and pre-authorization services make it easy for you to provide your patients with the care they need. Our team handles the referral process from start to finish, ensuring that your patients receive the appropriate care they need. We also manage the pre-authorization process, so you can focus on providing quality care without worrying about the administrative details.

The assurance of accuracy before it begins

Precision-driven billing for timely submissions

Billing Services

Billing errors can be costly for your business, both in terms of time and money. With our expert billing services, you can reduce the risk of errors and ensure timely reimbursements.

Precision-driven billing for timely submissions

Our expert coders ensure that your medical claims are accurately coded and submitted, resulting in fewer denials and faster reimbursements.

Our Health Information Management services provide comprehensive support for your medical records and data management needs. We ensure that your data is secure, accurate, and easily accessible to authorized personnel.

Our charge entry and submission services help ensure timely and accurate billing by accurately capturing and submitting charges for services provided, reducing revenue loss and administrative burdens.

Our rejects management services help you quickly identify and address rejected claims, minimizing denials and improving your revenue cycle management.

Our insurance billing services ensure that your claims are submitted accurately and timely to all relevant insurance carriers, maximizing your reimbursements.

Our Direct Data Entry (DDE) support services help you easily and accurately submit claims directly to Medicare, reducing administrative burden and improving the accuracy and speed of claims processing.

Posting Services

When it comes to posting, accuracy and timeliness are crucial. From cash applications to credit balance resolution projects, our team of experts can streamline your revenue cycle and maximize your revenue potential.

Detailed, transparent, and streamlined

Accurately posting and reconciling payments can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it’s crucial for maintaining a healthy revenue cycle. Our Cash Applications service ensures that payments are properly posted and balanced, so you can avoid costly errors and focus on providing top-notch care to your patients.

Denied claims can be frustrating and can significantly impact your revenue cycle. Our Denial Posting service provides timely and accurate reporting on all denied claims, helping you identify trends and take proactive measures to avoid future denials. We work closely with your team to resolve denied claims and resubmit them in a timely manner.

Managing credit balances can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for maintaining a clean accounts receivable. Our Credit Balance Resolution Projects service helps you identify and resolve credit balances quickly and efficiently, so you can stay on top of your revenue cycle. Our experienced team will work with you to implement effective processes and procedures to prevent credit balances from occurring in the future.

Detailed, transparent, and streamlined

Ensuring you get what you’re owed

Collection Services

Your expertise and services deserve due compensation. Our collections services can help you recover outstanding balances, accelerate cash flow, and minimize your bad debt write-offs.

Ensuring you get what you’re owed

Our team of experts provides efficient and effective denial management services. We work closely with you to analyze root causes of denials, identify trends, and implement corrective actions to reduce future denials.

Our insurance recovery services aim to optimize your reimbursement rates. We will work with your payers to identify any underpayments, investigate the reasons for them, and then recover what is owed to you.

Appeals are an essential part of the revenue cycle, and our team is here to help you maximize your chances of winning them. We will work with you to draft compelling appeal letters and ensure that all necessary documentation is provided to support your claims.

We understand that cash flow is critical to your business. That’s why our cash acceleration programs are designed to help you get paid faster. Our team of experts will work with you to optimize your revenue cycle processes and improve your cash flow.

Small balance accounts can add up and create a significant impact on your revenue cycle. Our small balance A/R recovery services are designed to help you recover these small balances more efficiently, allowing you to focus on more significant accounts and improving your overall cash flow.

Our team of experts will perform a thorough review of your $0 balance accounts to identify any potential opportunities for reimbursement. We will work with you to ensure that all necessary documentation is provided and that these accounts are properly resolved.

Patient Services

We believe in holistic patient care, and we offer a range of services designed to improve patient satisfaction and increase revenue.

Empathetic post-care support

Our patient billing services are designed to streamline the billing process and improve patient satisfaction. From claim submission to payment posting, our team of experts can help you increase revenue and reduce administrative costs.

Our patient customer service calls provide personalized support to your patients. Our team of dedicated representatives can help your patients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and address any concerns they may have, ensuring a positive patient experience.

Our self-pay early out follow-up services help patients manage their medical bills and improve cash flow for your organization. We work with patients to identify payment options and provide ongoing support until their balance is paid in full. Our early-out services help improve patient satisfaction and reduce the burden of collections on your staff.

Empathetic post-care support

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