In a realm where healthcare payments can often feel tangled and enigmatic, Oxygen breathes clarity. We believe that navigating these waters should be three key things: intuitive, seamless, and efficient.

Our Purpose

We’re here to be the lifeline for hospitals and healthcare providers. By offering unparalleled expertise in pre-billing, billing, posting, collections, and patient services, we provide a 360° approach to revenue cycle management.

Financial clarity in healthcare is not just about clear account statements; it’s about providing the tools and insights that allow hospitals to operate at their peak potential. At the heart of it all, Oxygen is about enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery.

With over 1,800 members worldwide, Team Oxygen comprises of the brightest minds in healthcare payments.


The Origin of 'Oxygen'

The name ‘Oxygen’ wasn’t chosen lightly. Just as oxygen is vital for life, we believe our services are essential for the seamless and efficient functioning of healthcare financial systems. By breathing clarity and efficiency into this domain, we ensure that hospitals and care providers can focus on what truly matters: patient care.

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